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Is the facade of the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest the largest surface used for projection mapping?

Claim from The artistic works of the participating teams will be displayed on the largest projection surface in the world – the facade of the Palace of of Parliament (23,000 square ...
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Did Mr. Tfue dig an elaborate underground swimming pool, with only basic tools, in 60 days?

This viral 17-minute video, 60 Days Build Millionaire Underground Swimming Pool House (over 100M views in just 3 months), "" appeared in my YouTube feed. It appears to show a single man digging and ...
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Is the Great Wall of China visible from space?

Is the Great Wall of China visible from space? This is quoted every now and then in film and television (e.g. The Truman Show), purportedly placing it among a rare class of single object that are ...
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Is micro rebar a better way to reinforce concrete than rebar?

Helix Steel's site claims that the small wires (twisted steel micro rebar) they created are a good replacement to a typical rebar concrete reinforcement if not even better. a reinforcement technology ...
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