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Questions tagged [consciousness]

Blanket term for the interaction between the mind and the world. Consciousness is a complex topic which covers the many stages and varieties of what is commonly considered "awareness" and the ways in which it can be altered.

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4 votes
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Does our subconscious not understand negation? [closed]

Supposedly our subconscious cannot understand negatives. Therefore we should formulate all our goals in a positive way. Instead of writing down "Don't smoke" as a goal we should use "Be smoke free". ...
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2 answers

Can "binaural beats" alter your state of consciousness?

According to many websites and YouTube videos (including Wikipedia): "Binaural Beats" are a proven brain wave entrainment audio stimulus that are guaranteed to alter your state of consciousness. ...
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35 votes
2 answers

Can humans influence the outcome of random event generators with their mind?

Roger D. Nelson, PhD (Experimental Psychology), claims to have proven using scientific methods that humans can influence the outcome of random number/event generators (RNG or REG) with their mind. The ...
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30 votes
1 answer

Was it common to perform surgeries on babies without anesthesia because doctors felt they weren't "conscious enough to feel pain"?

The claim was made on that "not so long ago, babies were operated on without anaesthetic because they weren't considered 'conscious' enough to feel pain".* A Google search revealed ...
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Does the color red make you hungrier?

I'll quote something I found by googling red hungry: A variety of colors can trigger hunger. The most influential colors in terms of food are: red, orange, yellow. [...] A color psychologist would ...
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3 answers

How well is the ideomotor effect understood and defined? [closed]

I'm curious what the extent of the ideomotor effect is, and how it is precisely defined. I often hear it used to explain things as widely diverse as Ouija boards, assisted communication frauds, and ...
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15 votes
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Anaesthesia awareness: fact or myth?

It is usually phrased like a horror story: a patient feels like being trapped in a corpse, unable to move or scream and feeling intense pain, but surgeons continue to operate not noticing that patient ...
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