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Referring to mental acuity, concentration is a person's ability to intentionally focus on a specific, selected task.

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Does social media cause permanent damage to concentration capability?

In this TEDxtalk (transcript is here), the speaker claims that there is a growing amount of research that shows that spending large amounts of time on social media permanently damages the capability ...
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Does Brain Toniq soft drink improve cognition?

Brain Toniq is a non-caffeinated soft drink that contains: Rhodiola root, Choline, DMAE, and organic wild-harvested Blue Green Algae extract While their web-site and their Facebook page make no ...
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Does text highlighting distract from reading comprehension?

The other day my lecturer warned against underline or highlighting important lines in your textbook, as it increases your chances of distraction. Harvard Library makes a similar claim: Throw away ...
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How long is it possible to maintain concentration?

When I study, I like to do it in blocks of a few hours, with little rests in between. I have heard from multiple (possibly unreliable) sources, however, that a human's concentration will drastically ...
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Does white noise improve concentration?

Sites like and, as well as a multitude of "concentration apps" on Android Market and iPhone App Store propose the idea that white noise improves ...
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Is listening to music while studying distracting?

When I was at school, the teachers always forbade us from using our mp3s, and we weren't allowed to listen to any music while in class. The reason being that it seems the music would distract us, that ...
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