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A computer is a programmable machine designed to automatically carry out a sequence of arithmetic or logical operations.

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Did Burmese typewriters contain an upside-down character, which subsequently became proper typewriter style?

I was reading about the Internet Archive's work to archive the materials of a famous New York City typewriter family: I was ...
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Are scammers using AI voice cloning to fake kidnappings?

There have been numerous news reports of scammers using AI voice cloning to trick people into thinking that their kid has been kidnapped: NY Post An Arizona mom claims that scammers used AI to clone ...
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Were nuclear sub engineers told that when alarms go off they should grab a bar, until they have examined their instrument panel?

The book Debugging: The 9 Indispensable Rules for Finding Even the Most Elusive Software and Hardware Problems by David J. Agans, which was first published in 2002, contains the following claim: On ...
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Has there never been a virus infection in Chromebook history?

Diamond product expert (maximum level expert for Chromebooks) Jim Dantin stated in a community post that (quoting user) Chromebooks can be infected by viruses. (response) It's never happened to a ...
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Is Edge (significantly) better than Chrome for laptop battery life?

Microsoft recently released the results of a benchmark of four different browsers with respect to battery life. Chrome comes out the worst, then Firefox, then Opera and then Edge, by quite a margin. ...
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Are 1 in 5 pieces of software in the US unlicensed?

This BSA form claims that 1 in 5 pieces of software in the US are unlicensed. How true is it?
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Did Russian hackers obtain billions of passwords?

Many news outlets seem to be reporting this story (NY Times article) about Russian hackers allegedly acquiring billions of usernames and passwords. A Russian crime ring has amassed the largest known ...
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Do "digital natives" process information in fundamentally different ways

Marc Prensky defines the term digital natives, referring to people who were born after digital computers were popular. He claims that they process information in fundamentally different ways. Our ...
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Did the "Windows Web Browser Choice Screen" enforced by the EU make a difference?

In response to a EU anti-trust ruling, European Android users will soon be presented with a browser choice screen. Those of us who are old enough will remember that the same thing happened on Windows ...
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Do long sessions of computer use damage the user's skin?

I believe that regularly spending long periods of time facing computers monitors while using them significantly damages the skin. The Daily Mail reported in 2018: According to [Rebecca Mason, skin ...
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Is humidity more relevant than high operating temperatures in hard drive reliability?

According to Environmental Conditions and Disk Reliability in Free-cooled Datacenters: Based on our experience and observations, we conclude that high relative humidity degrades reliability ...
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Can Magic Leap deliver its claims about their future augmented reality product?

Magic Leap has been very outward with their public face regarding their upcoming augmented reality product. They've been promising a great deal, and the media has hyped up their image as a result, ...
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Do 15-25% of all computer users worldwide (both vocational and recreational) have some computer-related injury (CRI)?

This news article from the The Economic Times claims that: 15-25% of all computer users worldwide (both vocational and recreational) are estimated to have computer-related injuries (CRI). The ...
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Dragon NaturallySpeaking's accuracy improvement over versions

Dragon NaturallySpeaking's editor Nuance claims that Dragon 12 delivers up to a 20% improvement in out-of-box accuracy compared to Dragon 11. Nuance made similar claims in the past with previous ...
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Did the Stuxnet virus attack the International Space Station?

Over at Extreme Tech Last year, news broke that a virus sabotaged the Iranian uranium enrichment program. It seemed all too convenient at the time — and as it turned out, the virus, Stuxnet, was ...
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Are Vertical key layouts more ergonomic?

One of the feature that kinesis advertises for their Kinesis Advantage Pro Contoured Keyboard is: Vertical key layout - keys are arranged in vertical columns to reflect natural motions of your ...
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