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Cigarettes are potentially addictive items that contain compounds rolled into a cylinder for smoking.

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Did Jawaharlal Nehru send a plane to Indore to bring back a pack of cigarettes?

There has been this claim going around Twitter talking about the former Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru and his need for cigarettes. For example, Twitter user @RishBagree wrote: Jawaharlal ...
5 votes
1 answer

Are vegetable oils "worse" for your health than cigarettes?

There are several Tiktok videos going around claiming that 'vegetable oils are worse for your health than cigarettes'. For example: TikTok user @thebenazadi said in a 2020 TikTok that Professor Brian ...
20 votes
2 answers

Does smoking cigarettes cause lung cancer?

My friend is a smoker. His dad is a doctor. Both claim there is no firm proof that cigarettes cause lung cancer. This article makes a similar claim -- in particular that smoking cigarettes is not ...
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1 answer

Are there over 4000 chemicals in tobacco smoke?

Some prominent medical sources even claim that there are over 7000 chemicals in tobacco smoke. The rumor seems to be passed around with no reference. Wikipedia makes a more believable claim that "[m]...
21 votes
2 answers

Does smoking one joint give as much exposure to cancer-producing chemicals as smoking four to five cigarettes?

I was linked to a website from Parenting Stack Exchange called drugfreeworld. I then browsed around a bit, and I found this interesting line on the Marijuana page: Aside from the discomfort that ...
38 votes
3 answers

Would eating a packet of cigarettes be fatal?

World Education, a group that promote literacy, have a resource for understanding the risks of tobacco, which claims: Chemicals in cigarettes and cigarette smoke are known to cause not only cancer ...
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Does "packing" a pack of cigarettes before opening make them last longer?

To "pack" a packet of cigarettes is to whack them against a surface before opening the packet. This is said to compress the tobacco. Example: WikiHow describes the process Many times while ...
22 votes
0 answers

Does smoking a single cigarette measurably harm your body? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Does smoking cigarettes cause lung cancer? Most of the data I've seen on smoking concentrates on the effects of smoking n cigarettes per day, or per week, over a long period ...
7 votes
2 answers

Are cigarettes addictive?

At least one person has published alleged doubts about whether cigarettes are addictive, with their doubt/claim being supposedly backed by at least one scientific study. Is this a reasonable question ...
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0 answers

Are E-Cigarettes as unhealthy as conventional cigarettes? [duplicate]

At my community college, a person in a booth was handing out pamphlets talking about the health problems with cigarettes and e-cigarettes. The pamphlet seemed to indicate that e-cigarettes could be as ...
8 votes
1 answer

Is the smoke from one mosquito coil equal to that of 100 cigarettes?

This article makes the following assertion. Smoke emitted from one mosquito repellant coil is equivalent to those of 100 cigarettes, thus causing harm to a large number of people in India... Is ...
17 votes
3 answers

Do organic cigarettes, such as American Spirit, contain less radioactive material than other brands?

Many cigarettes contain radioactive polonium from the use of phosphate/apatite fertilizers. The National Institutes of Health lists tobacco as by far the largest source of radiation for the American ...
11 votes
3 answers

Do plain packs for cigarettes reduce smoking?

I heard on the news that some countries in the European Union are planning a measure that will force Tobacco companies to use a generic package for their cigarettes (for a debate on the UK proposals ...
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1 answer

Do people smoke only due to psychological reasons?

Many smokers have told me that smoking gives them immense pleasure - that they let go of all their worries when they smoke a cigarette. Their descriptions of the sensations produced are quite similar ...