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Christopher Columbus (1451 - 1506) was an Italian explorer most notable for his trips to the Americas.

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Was a copy of Bobadilla's lost report on Christopher Columbus found in a Spanish archive in 2006?

As claimed in The Guardian. A transcription of the document is apparently available on JSTOR here, the section "Pesquisa Del Comendador Francisco de Bobadilla". Has the document been confirmed as ...
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Did the story of Columbus and the lunar eclipse take place?

In eclipse season, it’s bound to happen that someone will quote the story of Columbus fooling the settlers into believing that his god was upset with them and therefore eclipsed the moon. But as ...
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Was Christopher Columbus involved in the slave trade? [duplicate]

It seems to be common knowledge on the internet that Columbus was involved in the slave trade. I just saw this on Facebook and thought I would try to find how true the quote is to what we know ...
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Did Columbus have Jewish ancestry?

There are a number of articles and books that claim that Christopher Columbus has Jewish acenstry: Christopher Columbus: Jewish Virtual Library The mystery regarding Columbus' origins is largely ...
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Did Christopher Columbus ever make this statement?

This was posted to Reddit's /r/occupywallstreet for Columbus Day 2013. "As soon as I arrived in the Indies, on the first Island which I found, I took some of the natives by force in order that they ...
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Did Columbus order atrocities against the Lucayan people?

Related to Was Columbus involved in sexual slavery? , the same Oatmeal page makes an additional series of claims about Christopher Columbus that describe systematic atrocities: "When the Lucayans ...
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Was Columbus involved in sexual slavery?

The Oatmeal claims that Columbus engaged in sexual slavery. Columbus began rewarding his lieutenants with sex slaves -- particularly young girls who had been forced into sexual slavery. In a ...
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Did Christopher Columbus believe America was India?

Many of us might recall learning in school that when Christopher Columbus reached the New World, he believed that he had reached India. For that reason, Native Americans are often called Indians. ...
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