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for questions about claims based on chi, purportedly a form of energy.

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Can Master Zhou use Qi Gong to heat aluminium foil?

Master Zhou Ting-Jue appeared on That's Incredible in the early 1980s. Amongst his claims were that Qi gong allowed him to raise the temperature of a piece of aluminum foil. See this YouTube video. ...
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Is Shaolin monk Hu Qiong using "Chi energy" to withstand an electric drill?

In one of the episodes of Stan Lee's Superhumans (the excerpt in question can be viewed here) a Shaolin monk named Hu Qiong claims that by training his body and "transfering Chi to the right part of ...
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Is Chi an energy flowing through the body?

Prompted by various answers over an where I put into doubt the existence of Chi, I was prompted to provide references for this assertion. Issues with the burden of proof ...
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