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a soft substance designed to be chewed but not swallowed.

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Can a person end up with a masculine jaw line from chewing gum?

There are some claims on the internet that chewing gum frequently for a long time (seemingly at least months) can result in a masculine-looking jaw line. So for example according to a story told here ...
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12 votes
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Does it cost £1.5 to clean up every piece of gum left on UK Streets?

This advertisement is claiming that it costs 50 times more for the city to clean up gum, than it takes to buy the stuff (at least in the UK). For a total of £1.5. Which seems strange, as normally ...
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21 votes
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Does chewing on gum help clean your teeth?

Several chewing gum commercials advertise chewing their gum after meals to help clean the teeth. I was chewing today and realized that there is never a point when I am chewing that it actually touches ...
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Do birds eat chewing gum they think is bread?

This image popped up in my facebook feed today. The translation reads: Did you know that: Chewing gum thrown on the street looks like pieces of bread to birds. They try to eat it, but it gets stuck ...
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