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Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin (1889 - 1977) was an English actor most notable for his comedic silent films featuring "The Tramp."

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Did Charlie Chaplin write this letter to his daughter?

There is a letter circulating that puports to be from Charlie Chaplin to his daughter. Here is one example. It starts: Now it is night. One Christmas night. All unarmed wars in my little castle ...
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Did Hitler borrow his mustache from Chaplin?

The Wikipedia article on the toothbrush mustache quotes the journalist and historian Ron Rosenbaum about the speculation that Hitler modeled his mustache on Charlie Chaplin: Adolf Hitler was a fan ...
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Did Charlie Chaplin lose a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest?

I heard this several times, is it really true or just a joke/rumor? The claim is, that "Charlie Chaplin once only came second in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest". source
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