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How did Bruce Lee die?

Bruce Lee was an iconic actor and martial arts instructor who died at a young age. Wikipedia states: The preliminary opinion of Peter Wu, the neurosurgeon who saved Lee's life during his first ...
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Did Angelina Jolie hire a hitman to kill herself?

Apparently, Angelina Jolie was so depressed that she hired a hitman to kill herself. The first instance of this story that I've come across was in this article from 2001, but it didn't cite any ...
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Was Andy Garcia born with a Conjoined Twin?

Does Andy Garcia really have a scar on his shoulder from a childhood surgery to remove a half-formed twin? I've seen it around the net, for example on NNDB: Andy Garcia was born with a conjoined ...
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Did Hamza Tzortzis have a paid account on the Ashley Madison web-site?

The name and personal information of well-known British Muslim preacher, Hamza Tzortzis was found in leaked database of the Ashley Madison website (a dating agency for extra-marital affairs). In ...
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