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the branch of medicine that deals with diseases and abnormalities of the heart.

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Does the presence of a cellphone affect sperm count or heart rate?

A doctor from my girlfriend's family was talking to her over the weekend. She explained to me that he was talking about how there is proof that cellphones decrease sperm count when being stored in a ...
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Can cardiac rhythms be used to uniquely identify a person?

Nymi, claims: "Like a fingerprint, your heartbeat is unique", and "Your Nymi lets you use your unique cardiac rhythm to authenticate your identity" Is it true that heartbeats are unique, like ...
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Can a person die due to a heart attack caused by extreme happiness?

I have heard that some people die of a heart attack caused by extreme happiness. Is it possible?
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Do COVID-19 vaccines cause myocarditis in younger men at a rate higher than the virus?

Dr Keith Moran is a practising physician and consultant in internal medicine with a Youtube Channel discussing medicine. In May 2023, he posted a video talking about the risks of myocarditis (...
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