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the branch of medicine that deals with diseases and abnormalities of the heart.

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Do COVID-19 vaccines cause myocarditis in younger men at a rate higher than the virus?

Dr Keith Moran is a practising physician and consultant in internal medicine with a Youtube Channel discussing medicine. In May 2023, he posted a video talking about the risks of myocarditis (...
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Does the heart pump blood through arteries? [closed]

The conventional model of the circulatory system assumes the heart pumps blood out of the ventricles through a series of progressively branching arteries of decreasing diameter transitioning to ...
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Does sunflower oil reduce LDL ("bad") cholesterol more than olive oil?

The Sun writes: FLOWER POWER Sunflower oil is ‘BETTER’ for your heart than olive oil – and it’s much cheaper FOR years, we've been told that olive oil is the healthiest oil to cook with and dress our ...
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Can skipping breakfast increase risk of heart disease? [closed]

This article from the clickbait off-shoot of The Independent newspaper, iNews (archive) states that: Skipping breakfast on a regular basis could be linked to an increased risk of dying from heart ...
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Root canals cause heart attacks?

There is a widely viewed Youtube video (400,000 views as of now), by a cardiologist, referencing his book, co-authored with a dentist, that claims that root canals, even if they are done well, cause ...
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Are the new lower bounds for "high blood pressure" associated with a doubling of risk of complications?

The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology have announced a change in the guidelines for defining blood pressure categories. In particular, they have lowered the point of ...
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Can hickeys induce a heart attack / stroke?

According to a lot of sources you could suffer a stroke or heart attack by getting a hickey. However I can't find any papers on the matter. Since this lead to a heated argument between me and my ...
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Are the Apollo astronauts experiencing heart disease at a higher than average rate?

ArsTechnica used a headline (and this has been reported elsewhere): Apollo astronauts dying of heart disease at 4-5X the rate of normal humans What is the evidence relating to the headline's claim?...
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Did this woman die of a heart attack?

The video below circulated in Singapore (and I think Malaysia too) on Whatsapp and Facebook with the accompanying message. (Though my guess is that it was taken in China.)
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Do 30% of seniors get a heart attack each year?

I saw an ad somewhere that claimed 30% of seniors die each year from heart attack. This sounds way, way too much. Is it really true?
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Did 15 doctors save a woman who had a heart attack on a plane?

A image posted recently on 8fact claimed that: A woman had a heart attack on plane, when the stewardess asked if there was a doctor on board, 15 stood up, they were on their way to a cardiology ...
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Is stair climbing linked to heart disease?

I was in the gym today and a (bro-science) trainer told me that I shouldn't use the stair climbing machine because it causes abnormal heart enlargement and associated heart diseases. I asked him for a ...
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Does nuclear radiation increase the risk of heart attacks?

In Adam Higginbotham's article Chernobyl 20 years on, it's implied that nuclear radiation increases the risk of heart attacks: Now, nearly 20 years after the disaster, the survivors of Chernobyl ...
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Does red meat increase the risk of heart disease?

Conventional common wisdom has been that red meat consumption increases the risk of developing heart disease. There are a lot of studies indicating this may be true, but there are also a lot of ...
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Does wheat cause coronary heart disease? [duplicate]

Most health organizations see wheat as an healthy food. However I wrote an article arguing that wheat could be a risk factor of coronary heart disease. I know there is a similar question: Is wheat ...
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Is sleeping on your left side bad for your heart?

I have been presented with the following conundrum. Either you sleep on your back and snore, or sleep on your right side and get acid reflux, or sleep on your left side and put a heavier load on your ...
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Can cardiac rhythms be used to uniquely identify a person?

Nymi, claims: "Like a fingerprint, your heartbeat is unique", and "Your Nymi lets you use your unique cardiac rhythm to authenticate your identity" Is it true that heartbeats are unique, like ...
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How legit is this graph of heart disease and cancer vs unrefined plant foods?

Unrefined Plant Food Consumption vs. The Killer Diseases I insist that our low consumption of unrefined plant foods is largely responsible for our dismal mortality statistics. Most of us perish ...
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Does chelation therapy for artherosclerosis, clogging of our arteries, work?

I have seen (not read) the book Bypassing Bypass Surgery by Elmer Cranton, which claims that infusions of Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) can apparently clean out the arteries for cholesterol ...
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Does the presence of a cellphone affect sperm count or heart rate?

A doctor from my girlfriend's family was talking to her over the weekend. She explained to me that he was talking about how there is proof that cellphones decrease sperm count when being stored in a ...
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Can excessive intake of butter cause heart attacks at age 21?

Clearly fats increase the amount of cholesterol in our blood, which is a risk factor in heart attacks. On the other hand, cholesterol builds up over relatively long amounts of time. Is it possible to ...
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Jump from building: die from shock induced heart failure before hitting the ground?

In my childhood days there was this proposition/myth that claimed there is a big chance that you'd die from a shock induced heart failure (hart attack/cardiac arrest) before hitting the ground, when ...
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Can a person die due to a heart attack caused by extreme happiness?

I have heard that some people die of a heart attack caused by extreme happiness. Is it possible?
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Is cholesterol a significant factor in Heart Attacks?

When you watch most commercials for cholesterol drugs, they always have the disclaimer "Not proven to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke". If the drugs which reduce cholesterol do not reduce ...
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