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General term for the increase of skeletal muscle mass and/or the improvement of overall health through a variety of methods, often for sport or other competitive reasons.

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Can the human body significantly build muscle while losing body fat?

The fitness community often says that you can't slim down and build muscle at the same time. The reason for this is said to be that the body is in a “catabolic state” with calorie deficit. In order to ...
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Does bodybuilding at early age stunt growth?

Can excessive bodybuilding at an early age inhibit or stop growth (height increase)? I am getting mixed answers; some say several selective exercises can do so and some say it is not a problem at all. ...
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1 answer

Is this 10 pack real?

I saw this video where a guy shows he has a 10 pack. Then in the comments people explain the human body only has 8 ab muscles. Some claim the bottom two muscles are implants. Can this be real, or ...
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Do bodybuilders achieve 2-4% bodyfat percentage during competition?

Wikipedia says: Certified personal trainers will suggest to male bodybuilders that they aim for a body fat percentage between 2–4% by contest time. However it is unclear that such levels are ever ...
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What is the largest amount of protein the body can absorb in a single meal?

There is a popular belief that the human body can't absorb more than 30 grams of protein per meal. Some also believe that the limit is 25 or less. For example, This article states that "According to ...
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Is it possible for thin weedy guys to look muscular like Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Quite often you can see guys slaving away at the gym, slurping on protein shakes or pounding the pavement. There are also frequently seen ads around the net with a simple animation of a thin guy ...
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Are there benefits to the ECA stack for body-builders?

The use of the "ECA Stack" - ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin - has been common-place in body-building and weight-loss circles. (e.g. in 1999, 2% of the Danish population and 12 million US inhabitants ...
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