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Questions tagged [body-modification]

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1 answer

Did Jasmine Tridevil have a third breast added surgically?

Right now, various news sites are running an item about a woman calling herself Jasmine Tridevil, who supposedly has had a third breast implanted, resembling a character from the movie Total Recall. ...
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1 answer

Are sea salt soaks beneficial for healing a body piercing?

Aftercare suggested for healing a new body piercing almost always includes a sea salt soak. Wikibook's Body Piercing Aftercare explains the process. 'SSS (Sea Salt Soaks)' – With this method you ...
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Is there any research done on tattoos and their relationship to sexual activity?

Question came up in a conversation where one associate indicated that they thought tattoos on women were "slutty" and others took offense. The argument was that: when have you ever met a woman with a ...
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