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A fluid which delivers substances to various cells within an organism's body. The most common fucntion are the delivery of nutrients and the transportation of waste products. Composition varies widely across species.

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1 answer

Does the Red Cross sell $2.1 billion worth of blood annually?

This recent image on claims that the Red Cross grosses USD 2.1 billion a year from selling blood. It also claims that the Red Cross is a business which sells donated blood for $400 a pint. ...
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Is deoxygenated blood blue?

I have encountered many people in my life that believe that your blood is blue until it hits the air and only then it turns red. The blue color of our veins is also explained the same way, as the ...
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Can you cause mosquitos to explode from drinking too much blood by flexing your muscles?

I have heard several times as I've grown up that you can flex your muscles to make mosquitos get stuck and explode. Looking around the web, I find several sources claiming the same. Q: If you flex ...
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Does blood type affect what type of food is best for you?

I remember that, a few years ago, my parents were told that different blood types need to eat differently. From a quick look online, it seems to be called "Eat Right For Your Type." It claimed that, ...
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Does cows' milk contain blood?

Someone in my Twitter feed said today: TIL starbucks put ground up insects in stuff, and milk has blood in it. The ground up insects part is true for now, but I'm not sure about the blood-in-...
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Does donating blood boost the immune system?

I read a claim that not only is blood donation safe, it actually boosts the immune system. As the source (a Red Cross-affiliated blood donation drive) is not neutral, I'm skeptical of this. Is it true?...
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15 votes
2 answers

Can blood group affect behavior?

In Japan, blood group is believed to have ties with behavior. Is there scientific evidence for it?
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15 votes
2 answers

Does St. Januarius' "blood" congeal and liquefy?

Saint Januarius is famous for the reputed miracle of the annual liquefaction of his blood, which, according to legend, was saved by a woman called Eusebia just after the saint's death. Thousands of ...
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Is the US FDA policy of deferring blood donations from MSM justified by increased STD risk?

I have heard the gay community complain that the Red Cross/FDA discriminate against them by refusing to allow men who have sex with other men (MSM) to donate blood. Here is an article on Wikipedia ...
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Has a bone marrow transplant caused confusion in criminal investigations?

Dr. Azita Alizadeh wrote an 'Ask a geneticist' column about how patients with a bone marrow transplant will end up with at least two different sets of DNA in their body - DNA from their blood (which ...
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2 answers

Are the phosphors in fluorescent lamps dangerously anticoagulant?

A user over on Home Improvement asked How to deal with broken compact fluorescent (and its mecury) without breaking the bank? with emphasis on the mercury which such lamps contain. I had a vague ...
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1 answer

Do you bleed more when drunk?

While my friend was getting a tattoo the tattoo artist said you'll bleed more because you're drunk. Is this true?
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Do those receiving blood transfusions have worse outcomes than those with bloodless corrected anemia?

The American Red Cross proudly proclaims “Give blood, save lives” Honorable, but is it true? Multiple studies on all-cause or total mortality have shown in fact the traditional practices of ...
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Do the hemoglobin genotypes of a couple affect whether their offspring will get Sickle Cell Disease?

I just read this (currently unanswered) Quora quesion: What should I do? After seven years in a relationship, I just find out that our genotype is AS. Since I never heard of this before I googled ...
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Do we need to fast before thyroid testing?

As the title suggest is it necessary to fast before thyroid test. Last week I have given thyroid test in my office. They conducted T3,T4 and TSH testing and my result came as thyronormalcy. I didnt ...
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4 votes
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Does doubling the atmospheric pressure make its gases toxic to humans?

I was recently reading an article which made the claim that doubling atmospheric pressure would cause gases to become toxic and make it impossible for human life. From the article: double[ing] the ...
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Does Charles Shaw wine contain animal blood & feces?

A post by Chris Knox on Quora was quoted on Gothamist, talking about Charles Shaw wine (aka "Two Buck Chuck"), says: "And it not only grabs ripe grapes, but unripe and down right rotten ones as ...
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Can blood transfusions lead to neurologic rejuvenation?

“We know [neurologic] rejuvenation exists. Now we have to figure out the bare minimum of therapeutics or genetic tinkering necessary for it to be safely translated into a human.” In the article ...
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Does Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead have toxic blood?

The book White Line Fever: Lemmy - The Autobiography is an autobiography of "Lemmy" Kilmister, the lead singer/Bassist of Motörhead. It claims: in 1980 his blood was officially diagnosed as toxic ...
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Does the heart pump blood through arteries? [closed]

The conventional model of the circulatory system assumes the heart pumps blood out of the ventricles through a series of progressively branching arteries of decreasing diameter transitioning to ...
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