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A vehicle made of two wheels on a rigid frame used for transportation or leisure.

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Was this 'carbon fibre' bicycle rim destroyed by a parrot?

This photograph was circulating on social media on 20th November 2021 (Click image to enlarge) It was widely described as a carbon wheel that had been destroyed by a parrot. e.g. Cycling Tips (...
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Is having bike lanes safer than not having them? [closed]

Is having bike lanes safer than not having them? This Globe and Mail ("Canada's National News Paper") article discusses bike lanes and claims that when correctly applied they are safer. Here are ...
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Do Australian cyclists need to pay registration fees?

The Facebook page "Meanwhile in Australia" has posted a meme with over 10,000 likes, and about 2,000 shares: All Australian bike riders will now have to carry photo id and pay rego just ...
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Can 100 bicycles be made from the materials used to build one car?

I found this tweet from Greenpeace Colombia which says: (In Spanish): Con los materiales usados para hacer un auto se hacen 100 bicicletas. (Translated): The materials used to build one car ...
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Does an e-bike produces only 1/10 carbon emissions for each mile of an conventional electric car?

According to Lin, Bo (Deputy General Director at Furi E-Bike1): he says the following in an interview in the program Horizons from WOBI: Bicycles to lead acid battery generates some pollution. The ...
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Does a human on a bicycle travel more efficiently than any other species?

Steve Jobs claimed on video that a bicycling human is more efficient at locomotion than any other species can manage. He repeated it separately on video, and in writing. The quote is still oft ...
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Is it safer for bicyclists to be allowed to roll through stop signs?

The Idaho Stop rule for bicycles (Idaho Code 49-720) allows bicyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs. Its practical application is described in this video. A study by Jason Meggs if often cited (...
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Are you more likely to suffer a head injury walking than cycling?

An Olympic cyclist, Chris Boardman, recently made the claim that people are more likely to suffer a head injury walking, rather than cycling. [...] cycling is safe. You would have to wear a helmet ...
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Did Lance Armstrong use EPO?

Lance Armstrong has recently been "stripped" of his Tour de France titles by the USADA. They state, among other allegations: (1) Use and/or attempted use of prohibited substances and/or methods ...
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Can science explain how bicycles work?

From 8 Simple Questions You Won't Believe Science Can't Answer: Bicycles have to designed by almost entirely by intuition and experimentation Physical concepts used to explain them (gyroscopic and ...
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If I drop my cycle helmet, do I need to buy a new one?

In conversation with my housemate last night he said that if a cycle helmet is dropped, even from a height of a meter or so, onto a hard surface then it needs to be replaced. He said the internal ...
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Are slick bicycle tires more slippery in the wet?

I always assumed slick (tread-less) tires were more prone to loss of traction in the wet. That is until I read this answer on the bicycles SE which claims that bicycle tires are too thin, round and ...
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Is cycling worse for the environment than driving to work if you need to take a shower?

I had an argument with a work colleague. He claims that me cycling to and from work is less environmentally friendly than driving because I will eat more as a result of expending more energy. I have ...
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Does riding a bicycle reduce sperm count/male fertility?

Related Does using a laptop on your lap lower your sperm count? Can switching from briefs to boxer shorts improve your fertility? I've heard that riding a bicycle, especially for extended periods of ...
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Do cars pass with less space for bicyclists who wear helmets?

This question is an off-shoot of from the discussion about helmet safety. There is an assertion that when a car passes a bicycle, it allows less space to those who wear a helmet than those without. ...
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Does wearing a bicycle helmet make the cyclist safer?

Does wearing a helmet while bicycling make an individual cyclist safer? That is, in the case of an accident, is one safer wearing an helmet? If yes, are the odds of an accident lower, higher or ...
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Do most professional bicycle racers take performance enhancing drugs?

I have heard the claim that it is almost impossible to succeed as a professional bicycle racer without taking drugs because everyone else is taking it. Is it true?
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