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Can using the brushes or combs of people who dye their hair render my hair white? [closed]

My parents always caution me to not use their hair brushes or combs as they apply dyes (to dye their hair black) on a regular basis. According to them, my hair will start whitening. I am very insecure ...
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Is a married woman in Michigan required to have her husband's permission to cut her hair?

Many sources indicate that there is a law on the books in Michigan requiring a married woman to get her husband's permission before cutting her own hair. According to the Huffington Post article The ...
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Can a face roller slim your face?

I've seen this product many times at several asian stores. It claims that it can slim your face, is there any truth to it? It's basically plastic rollers that you roll on the sides of your face.
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Are fashion models sexy? [closed]

TL;DR: Is there a group of females beating fashion models in terms of sexiness? Initial motivation This is a follow-up to this answer which seems to imply that top models are considered the norm of ...
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Did Jasmine Tridevil have a third breast added surgically?

Right now, various news sites are running an item about a woman calling herself Jasmine Tridevil, who supposedly has had a third breast implanted, resembling a character from the movie Total Recall. ...
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Is there such a thing as the "Babushka Bomb" (i.e. Eastern European women age quickly in appearance)?

On the internet, there are a lot of references to the so-called "Babushka bomb", which is defined at Urban Dictionary as Eastern European women are pretty when they're young, but age quickly and ...
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Will applying beer on my hair make it appear shiny and lustrous?

There are numerous beauty sites that claim that applying beer on my hair will make it shiny and lustrous. Is this true?
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Do facial expressions cause wrinkles?

Some of my friends think that e.g. smiling leads to having wrinkles around your mouth, where your skin folds when you smile, but I'd also count if someone works in the sun a lot an thus squints all ...
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Does sheep placenta work as an anti-ageing agent?

I heard on the radio this morning that it's rumoured that Victoria Beckham is using a "new" treatment including sheep placenta. The 38-year-old is a regular at Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr Harold ...
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Is physical beauty correlated with health?

There is a widespread claim that we use beauty in the selection of a partner as a proxy to their overall health. The idea is that this is an evolutionary adaptation. Are there any studies to confirm ...
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Were fat women considered as the norm of beauty in the past?

I have often heard that only recently slim women were considered as more attractive in western society. It is referenced a few time in this Slashdot thread: Government Should Ban Skinny Models To Curb ...
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