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for questions about claims based in Bangladesh, or limited to Bangladesh.

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3 answers

Did Henry Kissinger call Bangladesh a bottomless basket?

The Bottomless Basket It is often said in Bangladeshi newspapers that ex-US Foreign Minister Henry Kissinger once called Bangladesh a "Bottomless Basket". If so, why and when did he say ...
12 votes
1 answer

Did Pakistan military and allies rape 200-400 thousand women during the 1971 war?

A 2016 article from the Indian Express, When raped women and war babies paid the price of a new nation, refers to the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 and states: An official estimate of 200,000 to 400,...
2 votes
0 answers

Did Pakistan ever request China to market JF-17s to Bangladesh?

Pakistan requests JF-17 sale to Bangladesh learnt that the Pakistani authorities have requested their Chinese partners to sell JF-17 Thunder light combat aircraft to the Bangladesh ...
2 votes
4 answers

Do Rohingyas speak in a Bengali dialect?

This page says they do. Rohingyas are not Burmese. They called themselves as Rohingya. There are no such people in Burmese history and census. Rohingyas are in fact Bengali who speaks ...
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Will Bangladesh have 20 million environmental refugees in the next 40 years?

The Guardian: Up to 20 million Bangladeshis may be forced to leave the country in the next 40 years because of climate change, one of the country's most senior politicians has said. Abul Maal Abdul ...