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Science dealing with the study of space and celestial bodies. Can pertain to the composition, origin, motion, behavior or physical aspects of bodies in space as well as the practical applications of such information (ie: navigation).

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Was Kepler's sci-fi book "Somnium" used as evidence in his mother's witchcraft trial?

Widely considered the first sci-fi book, Somnium was written by astronomer Johannes Kepler around 1608 and was only published in 1634, after his death. I first heard the claim that the book was used ...
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Did the story of Columbus and the lunar eclipse take place?

In eclipse season, it’s bound to happen that someone will quote the story of Columbus fooling the settlers into believing that his god was upset with them and therefore eclipsed the moon. But as ...
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Was Sun's distance mentioned correctly in "Hanuman Chalisa", the 16 th century poem?

I found many sites stating that the Sun's distance was mentioned accurately in the "Hanuman Chalisa" hymn written in the 16th century. Even Wikipedia has a mention of this. juga sahasra jojana ...
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Do pulses of lunar waves traverse across the moon?

On the Fortean Times forum a user has posted links to a number of conspiracy theorist videos that show strange waves in video images of the Moon. Latest conspiracy craze seems to be about "lunar ...
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