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for questions about claims based on the army of a country.

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Are secret U.S. army tests to blame for TV presenters speaking gibberish?

I've seen this suggestion made in several places; here's one. Around the time of April 2011, several US news presenters or personalities descended into speaking gibberish on national TV. Some have "...
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Do Elite US military units use Kalashnikov weapons?

From Spiegel: This automatic weapon [Kalashnikov], known in Russian simply as an "avtomat," even receives the highest praise from Americans, Rogozin reported. Elite US military units use it, he ...
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Has an appendectomy ever been required for submariners?

I've heard this story a few times, and it seems to originate from this story. But has an appendectomy ever been a requirement for submariners of a specific nation? Or is it just a legend and an ...
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Was sexually transmitted disease rampant amongst troops occupying Japan?

In the English language Wikipedia article on the Recreation and Amusement Association, an organization for prostitution to Allied troops occupying Japan after World War II, it's claimed that sexually ...
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Does the US Army move tanks in bulk to Ukraine?

I know the site I am sharing is mostly fake news. For instance their latest claim (excerpt below) is not supported by any link to external source. But still, the claim was really alarming and I am not ...
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Was an Armenian S-300 battery radar destroyed by a drone attack?

I have read articles about war events in Armenia-Azerbaijan, mentioning Azeri drone or loitering munition attacks on Armenian anti-aircraft missile batteries. Specially, there is one Armenian S-300 ...
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