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Facility operated by the US military, it is a detachment of the Edwards Air Force Base, located in southern Nevada. Known mainly in popular culture for the speculation it may be somehow involved with extraterrestial contact or other paranormal activity.

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Did the USSR send a flying disk with mutant childlike aviators to Roswell in 1947?

I just read this article and the included Daily Show video which discusses a theory for the Roswell incident. To summarize the claims, what was recovered in Roswell was not an alien space craft. It ...
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Is there evidence to support that Area 51 was just a cover-up for a much larger operation?

Area 51 is frequently mystified in popular movies, stories, alien investigations, and sometimes, even the media. If the US really wanted to keep this a secret, why would they allow the media to ...
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Are alien visitors in Area 51?

Area 51-themed TV specials appear on US cable TV from time to time, often times even appearing on educational TV networks. These shows often feature interviews with people who claim to have seen ...
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