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The science of studying man with regard to place in the animal kingdom as well as human origins, development, social habits, cultural development and related topics.

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Was there ever a universal human language or mother-tongue?

In "Is this how Eve spoke? Every human language evolved from 'single prehistoric African mother tongue'" from the UK Daily Mail: Every language in the world - from English to Mandarin - ...
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Did Paul Wirz witness ritual cannibalism in New Guinea as described by Joseph Campbell?

In a few places the writer Joseph Campbell wrote or spoke about a lurid ritual orgy that included human sacrifice and cannibalism, allegedly practiced in New Guinea. This seems to be best known from ...
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Were giant human bones discovered in Castelnau?

French anthropologist Georges Vacher de Lapouge (1854 - 1936) reported in 1890 the discovery of "the Giant of Castelnau" - giant bones in neolithic tombs, in southern France. According to Mr. de ...
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Were there Hungarian speaking Indians in South America?

The following story is a translation from Hungarian, with a lot of discussion in the blog's comments: The ...
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Does the mass of human made objects exceed the entire biomass on the planet?

An article in Nature, "Global human-made mass exceeds all living biomass" in 2020 has recently gained some attention on social media (see this Twitter thread) possibly because of a striking ...
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Is wisdom tooth impaction causally linked to soft, processed foods?

In a book by an anthropologist at Ohio State, it is claimed that (1) third molar impactions dectupled after the Industrial Revolution, and (2) this was due to a new abundance of soft, processed food. ...
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How correct are some dramatized documentaries about proto-humans?

There are some documentaries, e.g. by David Attenborough, that dramatize the life of proto-humans (e.g. Neanderthals, etc..) Some of these documentaries show/dramatize the proto-humans communicating ...
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Was honey used preserve psychoactive mushrooms in the ancient past?

I have read personal reports of adding mushrooms to honey to effect preservation. To save the magic, all one needs to do is immerse those morsels in raw honey and stash them in a cool, shady place, ...
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