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The science of studying man with regard to place in the animal kingdom as well as human origins, development, social habits, cultural development and related topics.

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Was there a giant red-haired race in North America?

The other day, I saw a show on the History channel about "giant skeletons" being found in North America. It also said that, for some reason, these findings have been hidden from people, maybe due to ...
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Are human beings naturally predisposed to believe in God?

My girlfriend sent me this article from the Telegraph. This is an excerpt: Led by two academics at Oxford University, the £1.9 million study found that human thought processes were “rooted” to ...
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Is the "Tribe meets White Man for the First Time" video fake?

Is this video fake? Most of the links according this video have no information besides the video itself and are very recent. How should I proceed to get ...
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