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British physician and researcher most notable for his claim of a link existing between the MMR vaccine and Autism Spectrum Disorder, and his paper on the topic published in the Lancet which was subsequently retracted.

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Did a US court rule that the MMR vaccine causes autism?

The question of whether MMR vaccines cause autism has been addressed already on Skeptics.SE, and then again when new documents came to light. This question is not about rehashing those facts, but is ...
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Do "new documents" change anything about the Wakefield/MMR vaccine paper/retraction/fraud situation?

I was recently sent an article and am trying to evaluate some of the claims. [1] The claim of interest here is this one: In light of new evidence that has emerged clearing Dr Wakefield of the ...
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Are there any other studies (besides the discredited Wakefield studies) that have found a link between vaccination and autism?

Wakefield's study from 1998 is now refuted as fraudulent, however there must have been subsequent research by others looking for a link between vaccines and autism. Did any of this research find a ...
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