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Questions tagged [amazon-rainforest]

for questions about claims based on the Amazon rainforest in South America.

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6 votes
1 answer

Are the 2019 Amazon rainforest fires only 7% higher than the 10 year average?

This article makes the following claim: While the number of fires in 2019 is indeed 80% higher than in 2018, it’s just 7% higher than the average over the last 10 years ago, Nepstad said. ...
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137 votes
3 answers

Is the Amazon rainforest the "world's lungs"?

The 72 million Google results for "Amazon world lungs" (unquoted) is evidence enough that there's a common perception that the Amazon rainforest is the "world's lungs". God knows I grew up believing ...
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26 votes
1 answer

Was the number of forest fires in the Amazon in Summer 2019 considerably higher than usual?

This picture made the rounds in summer 2019, supposedly showing the areas affected by rainforest fires in Brazil (and other countries) right now. Of course it looks very bad and I'm pretty sure it is. ...
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