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Use this tag for questions about aluminum (also spelled aluminium). Aluminum is a metal that can be found in cans, foods, antiperspirants, and vaccines.

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Does aluminum foil safeguard your credit card from RFID attacks?

Evidence against Does Aluminum Foil Stop Identity Theft? Some sources say that if you actually have an RFID-enabled credit card, aluminum foil does the same job, if not better, than an expensive RFID-...
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Are there any dangers of aluminum-containing antiperspirants? [duplicate]

The question was last asked in 2013, and I wondered if there is any more definitive research on this. The german ministry of risks says that there is a possible risk of using them: https://www.bfr....
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6 votes
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Do aluminum-based antiperspirants cause cancer?

Some people claim that the aluminium in antiperspirants can cause cancer. For example, Putting on antiperspirant is a routine part of most people's day, and you may not think much ...
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18 votes
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Is it unhealthy to lick the lid of a yogurt cup?

I've heard that it's unhealthy to eat the yogurt that sticks to the lid because it contains aluminium. Scraping it off with a spoon is even worse than licking it. Is there any evidence that this is ...
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Do 6-month old babies ingest more aluminum from formula milk than from vaccines?

This blog post claims that vaccines given to infants contain less aluminum than is typically ingested from milk - especially formula milk. A more prestigious source of this claim is the Children's ...
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24 votes
3 answers

How unhealthy are aluminum cooking pans?

It is regularly stated that aluminum cooking pans are unhealthy, but I come accross them very often. I see people cooking both alkaline and acid foods in them, scrape them with metal, leave food ...
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