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Did Otto Warburg make this claim about diseases in an alkaline environment?

I came across the following quote, alledgedly by the biochemist Otto Warburg: No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment or its German counterpart: Keine Krankheit kann in ...
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Can acidosis be diet-induced?

I know Acidosis is a legitimate medical diagnosis. Some woo-peddlers like to claim that eating too much acidic foods can cause this condition, and recommend alkalizing foods which, counter-...
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Do lemons act as bases in the body?

Today, I was surprised to find a number of sources stating that lemons, while acidic in nature, act as bases once in the body. Here is one such source. I'm unclear whether the claims are based on ...
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Are bodily deficiencies "mapped" to facial acne?

There's a picture and body of text making its way through Tumblr again: What is your acne telling you? 1 & 2: Digestive System — Eat less processed or junk food, reduce the amount of ...
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Alkaline diet afect cancer? [duplicate]

I have heard that if you have an alkaline diet it actually prevents/stops cancer. It is not mandatory to eat all alkaline things but to balance it so that the body does not get to acidic from food. ...
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Does an alkaline diet help to prevent kidney stones?

From Natural News: Highly acidic diets tend to create an environment which encourages kidney stones, while more alkaline diets help prevent these kind of deposits. Is this true?
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Is vinegar an effective treatment for arthritis?

I've learned that some people take vinegar to treat arthritis. It's a well known folk cure. Natural News: Learn How to Relieve Arthritis and ...
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Does honey with warm water and lemon reduce tummy fat?

There is a common belief that one can reduce tummy fat by drinking honey and lemon juice mixed in warm water the first thing in the morning. This questionable website, for example, makes this claim ...
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Does sodium bicarbonate reduce the risk of cancer?

I have heard that sodium bicarbonate reduces the risk of cancer and the risk of metastatic cancer. In particular, an Italian doctor, Tullio Simoncini is promoting this type of therapy (YouTube link ...
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Can activated alkaline water cure diabetes?

This article about activated alkaline water (I'm sorry, it's in German, but I couldn't find an English version by the same claimants) claims that drinking this water aids therapy of both Type 1 and ...
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Is it beneficial to drink alkaline water (aka Kangen water)?

At a friend's house the other day, some sort of contraption had appeared near the sink since the last time I had been there. It was a filtration-looking device with one input hose connected to the tap ...
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Does eating sour increase the chance that your children will be female?

I don't know about you, but I heard this one day. It was because I was sucking lemons, and someone was like, "Why do you suck lemons, isn't it soooo sour?". I said it was very sour, but I liked sour. ...
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Does changing your pH balance change your mood?

I have read that eating more alkaline foods and changing your pH balance reduces stress and anxiety. For example, see Eat a Lemon, Feel Less Stressed: Stephanie McClellan, MD, and Beth Hamilton, ...
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