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Alan Mathison Turing (1912 - 1954) was an English cryptanalyst most notable for breaking German ciphers and conceptualizing the Turing machine.

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Did Alan Turing ever say “Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine”?

Goodreads lists the quote under Alan Turing but I always thought it was merely from the movie (The Imitation Game) and couldn't find anything similar in his published works
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Did Alan Turing commit suicide, or is it possible his death was an accident?

When Alan Turing died, the reason for his death was cyanide poisoning, and his death was officially ruled as a suicide. See Homosexuality, Conviction and Death The BBC published an article in which "...
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Did Alan Turing publish a paper called The Imitation Game (as claimed in the movie)?

I have seen a couple of Turing's papers, but never have found one called "The Imitation Game". The Imitation Game seems to be a name used by Turing to refer to his test to decide whether an ...
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Was Turing's team involved in the development of the Ultra system to determine which decrypted Enigma messages to act upon?

Did Alan Turing's decryption team develop an statistical analysis algorithm to decide whether to use information from decrypted Enigma messages without risking the Germans to find out that they had ...
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Did Alan Turing have "overwhelming statistical evidence [for ESP], at least for Telepathy"? [closed]

In Computing Machinery and Intelligence (1950) Alan Turing claims that "the statistical evidence [for Extrasensory Perception], at least for telepathy, is overwhleming". My Google searches have ...
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