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Questions tagged [air]

for questions about claims based on the gaseous mixture comprising the Earth's atmosphere.

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1 answer

Do beeswax candles "purify" the air?

It's a common claim on sites promoting beeswax candles over paraffin or soy candles that they "purify" the air and reduce allergies and asthma (Cleanup Expert,Ebeehoney, Pathways Arts, ...
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What was the density of prehistoric Earth atmosphere (dinosaurs buoyancy theory)

There is a site by David Esker named Dinosaur Theory: David says that dinosaurs was so big because the early (at dinosaurs age) earth atmosphere was very dense and most mass of ...
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Is the ozone in the Sharper Image Air Ionizer unhealthy or can it cause asthma?

The Sharper Image Air Ionizer was a hot seller a few years ago, and a few models included an "Ozone" feature. This blue light would create O3, and supposedly were useful for cleaning the air. I've ...
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11 votes
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Can the oxygen levels in a polluted city be as low as 11%? [closed]

Normal levels of oxygen in atmosphere is around 21%. Recently in a discussion somebody commented that the polluted cities like Delhi has only 11% of oxygen in its atmosphere on some peak days of ...
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Do air ionizers have any substantial benefits or risks?

This question regarding an ionizer in an Asus laptop has a little bit of information about air ionizers (air ionisers for those using UK English), but not a lot at the time of writing. There are ...
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Is it true that other cultures don't see having two windows opened as a health risk? [closed]

I live in Romania and since I was a kid, I heard people talking about something we call, here in Romania, current—basically, the air flow which is being formed if at least two exterior windows are ...
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Is typical indoor concentration of VOC correlated to concentration of CO₂?

A vendor of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) sensor claims the VOC concentration correlates highly to CO₂ concentration in a typical conference room: Figure 2 illustrates the correlation of true CO₂ ...
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