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Assessment of the biological processes which are directly relatable to the length of time an organism has been alive.

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Even the healthiest of elders show profoundly compromised decision making?

That's the indomitable conclusion quoted from the summary of a 2013 PNAS paper. In a bit more detail: We identified several important age-related patterns in decision making under uncertainty: ...
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Can blood transfusions lead to neurologic rejuvenation?

“We know [neurologic] rejuvenation exists. Now we have to figure out the bare minimum of therapeutics or genetic tinkering necessary for it to be safely translated into a human.” In the article ...
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Are actuarial life expectancy tables based on information that is 40 years out of date?

I was chatting to some older folks today that had recently attended a "retirement course" (i.e. a course that teaches you about retirement and what to expect etc.). One of the presenters apparently ...
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Is there such a thing as the "Babushka Bomb" (i.e. Eastern European women age quickly in appearance)?

On the internet, there are a lot of references to the so-called "Babushka bomb", which is defined at Urban Dictionary as Eastern European women are pretty when they're young, but age quickly and ...
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Do facial expressions cause wrinkles?

Some of my friends think that e.g. smiling leads to having wrinkles around your mouth, where your skin folds when you smile, but I'd also count if someone works in the sun a lot an thus squints all ...
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Do people over the age of 34 lose about 7,000 brain cells per day, irreplaceably?

I got this random science fact from my mobile carrier. Once a human reaches the age of 34, he/she will start losing approximately 7,000 brain cells a day. The cells will never be replaced. Is the ...
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Are anti-aging/wrinkle-treatment solutions effective on human skin?

A variety of anti-aging products are advertised as solution to reverse [the perceived problem of] the appearance of aging. Many claims are made about these products, often showing "before vs. after" ...
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Do elderly drivers cause the most accidents?

Has it been statistically or empirically proven that elderly drivers (65 and over) are responsible for more accidents than any other age group? Some offer figures such as: In 2001 drivers over 70 ...
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Is learning more difficult for older people?

My parents always say to me that they can't learn as well as me because it's more difficult and they forget things faster etc.. Maybe it seems logical, but for me it would be much more logical that, ...
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