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for questions about claims based in Africa, or limited in Africa.

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Did Muammar al-Gaddafi have 95% popular support even when he was being overthrown

I just watched The illuminati Exposed By Muammar Gaddafi on YouTube. It was very interesting, but at one point they said that there was a pro-Gaddafi rally in the Tripoli with 1.7 million people or 95%...
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African Pentecostal Witch Hunting Guide real?

I found this online: "The African Pentecostal Church's Guide of Inquisitions of Witches and Magicians in the African Continent - 1989 (Translated from the Swahili Manuscript of the late Bakari Sudi ...
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Are the only remaining polio cases in Africa vaccine-derived?

World Polio Day: Wild poliovirus type 3 declared eradicated: Salisbury also said no WPV1 has been detected anywhere on the African continent since 2016. Several African nations, however, are still ...
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Is the UAE sponsoring the RSF coup in Sudan?

According to a MEMO article titled "UAE behind RSF's attempted coup in Sudan, leaked recording says": In the alleged audio recording, which could not be verified, a man media outlets ...
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