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Use this tag for questions about claims based in Afghanistan, or limited to Afghanistan.

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Did the Pakistan intelligence director take part in prayers led by a Taliban leader?

According to a 21st August 2021 article by (the not so reliable) republicworld, Pakistan's ISI Chief Faiz Hameed Spotted Offering Prayers With Taliban's Mullah Baradar [...] Recently, visuals of ISI ...
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Does the Taliban rape gay men?

When Hanan met the men, they raped and beat him, Afghan LGBTQ rights activist Artemis Akbary told ITV. Akbary told the outlet that Taliban fighters are likely to do this again. "They'll make a ...
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Have 200+ Pakistani military personnel been killed in the past 6 months by "insurgents crossing the border"?

In an Aug 12 story, AP reported the claims of some Pakistani officials that Pakistan has its own concerns, accusing Afghanistan of harboring militants opposed to the Islamabad government. Pakistani ...
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Do Afghans keep track of their birthdays?

According to this article (not in English) (not paywalled version) (Google Translate translation) the man in the article has a problem with his visa because he used a fictitious birthdate (as advised ...
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Did the Taliban shoot down a US B-52 Bomber on or around April 10th, 2019? [closed]

Sputnik News is reporting that an American B-52 Bomber was shot down by Taliban militants shortly after taking off from "Shawrab Airbase" in Afghanistan in the early morning hours of April ...
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Are there more women in government in Afghanistan than America? [duplicate]

I'm skeptical of this claim: And did he even say that?
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Have the ending credits of Rambo III been changed?

I've seen this comparison of the ending credits of Rambo III: Original ending credits: Rewritten(?) ending credits: Did this happen, or is it manufactured? I've found this comparison on twitter.
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