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Continued physical or psychological dependence on a substance or behavior despite negative or even life-threatening physical or societal consequences. Can also refer to any of the many and varied treatments available for addiction, any of the many and varied explanations for the proposed mechanisms behind addictive behavior, or other social, physical, political, moral, ethical, medical, religious, and legal issues surrounding addiction and its treatment.

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Does giving a drug to a former addict cause reestablishment of chemical dependence?

Joel Spitzer, an anti-smoking counsellor, claimed on that there is a law of addiction which is: The law of physiological addiction states administration of a drug to an addict will ...
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Do video games lead to increased depression, anxiety and aggression?

Nicholas Kardaras is a addiction expert who was a professor at Stony Brook Medicine. In his 2016 NY Post article he claims that screen time is extremely harmful to children. The article intermingles ...
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Are fish addictive to cats?

Today I found an interesting article that claims that feeding fish to cat is not a good idea: Fish should be avoided, except for occasional use, for many reasons including: heavy metal ...
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Is the correlation in betwen childhood trauma and addiction stronger than the correlation in between diabetes and obesity?

I came across this image on the internet, which makes the claim, "There is a stronger link between childhood trauma and addiction, than there is between obesity and diabetes. Two thirds of addicts ...
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