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Were babies found with their heads decapitated in Israel after the Hamas attack?

According to this tweet by CNN, The Israel Prime Minister spokesman just confirmed babies and toddlers were found with their "heads decapitated" in Kfar Aza in southern Israel after Hamas ...
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3 answers

Does this clip show Israeli Apache helicopters shooting their own citizens on Oct 7?

A Tweet in French with some 200K+ views (and some thousands of likes/retweets) claims Des images inédites ont fuité où ont voit des hélicoptères israéliens Apache bombarder ces propres concitoyens ...
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Did Hamas kill Israeli babies during the October 7 2023 attacks on Israel?

In another question, the topic of whether babies were beheaded in the October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel is addressed. Putting aside the specific claims of beheadings, allegedly some accounts are ...
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Were some of the hostages taken by Hamas killed in cross-fire by Israeli forces?

In this widely watched interview with Middle East Eye, Yasmin Porat describes being kidnapped from a kibbutz by Hamas (translation provided by Middle East Eye): Yasmin Porat: We shouted at that point ...
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Did Israel replace a puppy with burned babies in a photo?

This is a more direct claim than what's been asked in another Q about "murdered babies". A (Singaporean, I think) website called "Defense Politics Asia" claims (also on their ...
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Did the family of Osama Abu Essa, a Bedouin man killed by Hamas, offer a $1m reward for his killers?

There's this story circulating on Reddit about a family of an Israeli Arab killed by Hamas on the 7th of October placing a bounty for information about his killers. Mako, an Israeli online news ...
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