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Can radiation from wireless phones and computers harm babies? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Do mobile phones have anything to do with brain cancer? There is some discussion about the harm of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted from mobile phones and other ...
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Mobile towers pose serious hazards? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Do mobile phones have anything to do with brain cancer? Today we had a seminar about wireless technologies and were told that mobile towers pose serious health hazards. I ...
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Does a cell phone emit 1000 times more radiation when its battery is low?

Found this gem on G+: The rest seems all extremely circumstantial except the very last item. The 'radiation' they're talking about, I'm assuming, is electromagnetic radiation - which would be weaker ...
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Are decorative magnets on refrigerator dangerous?

I got an email with a link to a Facebook page with information about some obscure Princeton University research on how decorative refrigerator magnets increase the risk of cancer due to consumption of ...
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Do weather changes affect arthritis?

My father always claims he knows when a storm is coming by the pain in his knee. It turns out he might not be as crazy as I thought. Many people with arthritis report varying pain levels as a result ...
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Do cellphone towers cause health issues?

Yesterday I got a request to install a cellphone tower on my building. The company is going to pay me fair amount but I heard that cell tower radiations cause some serious health issues. Are they safe?...
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Are the methods and conclusions of the study "Clear connection between wireless devices and cancer, experts say" sound?

The article, no longer linked at Science Daily, by is summarized: A metabolic imbalance caused by radiation from your wireless devices could be the link to a number of health risks, such as various ...
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Is this new study on cell phone / cancer connection legitimate?

Insanely related: Do mobile phones have anything to do with cancer? I was just sent THIS article, which claims that a new study does show a link between brain cancer and cell phones: This new study ...
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Do Bluetooth headsets pose any health risks?

What's the current state of knowledge concerning health risks caused by Bluetooth headsets? What has been confirmed so far? I lack the expertise to evaluate which reports are trustworthy and which ...
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Is non-ionizing radiation known to cause any health issues?

Non-ionizing radiation, like radiation from mobile phones, electric power transmission, and radio frequencies, etc. is regarded by the majority of people as safe to the human body. However the World ...
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Is it safe for a child to sleep near a baby monitor?

I have always assumed baby monitors and all wireless technology to be completely safe and have been informed by a 'friend' that I have been endangering my children by using them. We used an RF ...
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Does extremely low frequency radiation from mobile phones and tablets have adverse health effects?

Is ELF (extremely low frequency) radiation emitted by the electrical appliances' battery's current considered to have adverse health effects, or is this radiation too low to be considered? I'd like ...
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Do cell-phone levels of radiofrequency radiation cause oxidative stress to rats' brains?

I've been given a link to this 2019 study Effect of 900-, 1800-, and 2100-MHz radiofrequency radiation on DNA and oxidative stress in brain as evidence for some 5G nonsense conspiracy theory. Even if ...
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Are low SAR phones better for health than high SAR phones? [duplicate]

Each device will have a different SAR value and follow this side they have say low SAR phone better than high SAR phone ...
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