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Can WiFi cause health problems? [duplicate]

The following letter was delivered to every house in our village. It contains many claims about the health risks of WiFi, mobile phones and microwaves. It also claims several countries have band the ...
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Does Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) exist?

A recent article from Daily Mail cited the case of a woman claiming to be allergic to Wi-Fi, and that it could even kill her. This claim sounded ridiculous and absurd to me. Quoting parts of the exact ...
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Can standing in front of a microwave oven give you cancer?

I was heating up some lunch in the microwave oven at work a few weeks ago, and peered into the window to see if my soup was bubbling yet. At that point a coworker walked into the lunch room and ...
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Does wifi stunt cress growth?

A couple of weeks ago there were reports of an experiment by schoolchildren that appears to demonstrate that wifi router radiation adversely affects cress. There's been time now for the leading ...
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Can WiFi waves cause headaches?

I saw there was a question about the harmfulness of WiFi waves, but i'd like to focus on the claims that they can cause headaches specifically; not the cancer-claims. Numerous people come up with ...
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Is the electomagnetic radiation from HomePlug style networking 'worse' than from Wifi?

I was investigating installing powerline networking in my home in order that I can switch off my wifi installation (partly for performance reasons, partly because the layout of the house means that my ...
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Do Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) create dirty electricity which can impact health?

According to this CBC Be Green report: 'CFLs [Compact Fluorescent Lamps] produce what is called "dirty electricity".' In an environment with dirty electricity, diabetics blood sugar will climb. It ...
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Is wireless charging harmful?

My phone has a wireless charging coil, and it got me thinking about how much EM radiation a charger would actually produce. I'm sure some tinfoil people are up in arms about it, and a quick Google ...
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Can satellite jamming by Iranian authorities cause medical side effects on the Iranians health?

According to the article satellite jamming in Iran, a war over airwaves: Satellite jamming is a form of censorship akin to Internet censorship, whereby the Iranian government prohibits access to ...
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Do Bluetooth headsets pose any health risks?

What's the current state of knowledge concerning health risks caused by Bluetooth headsets? What has been confirmed so far? I lack the expertise to evaluate which reports are trustworthy and which ...
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Is non-ionizing radiation known to cause any health issues?

Non-ionizing radiation, like radiation from mobile phones, electric power transmission, and radio frequencies, etc. is regarded by the majority of people as safe to the human body. However the World ...
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