I recently watched a movie called In My Sleep where the character allegedly is able to drive and even have sex while he is "sleepwalking."

Marcus struggles with parasomnia, a sleepwalking disorder that causes him to do things in his sleep that he cannot remember the next day.

In the movie, Marcus has a conversation with his doctor (or whatever he's called):

Marcus: What's a parasomniac?
Doctor: Someone who can do just about anything while they're sleeping.
Marcus: Drive a car?
Doctor: Yes.
Marcus: Make love?
Doctor: There are documented cases of that.
Marcus: Swim? Which is the one thing I haven't done.
Doctor: I've never heard of anyone swimming while sleepwalking...

Is it possible to do things such as this while sleepwalking? What all can a person do while sleepwalking?


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This is closer to your question: What Drives Sleep-Driving?

The FDA has announced it will require makers of certain sleeping pills to warn consumers about serious side effects including allergic reactions and sleep-driving.

Somnambulism (sleep-walking) incidents involving complex tasks like driving, preparing and eating food, and having sex while asleep, with no memory of the tasks when awakened, have made the news in recent years. Now the FDA wants consumers and doctors to have direct warnings on labels and in brochures.

The Z-drugs are a class of drugs called pyrazolopyrimidines, the best-known being zolpidem (Ambien), eszopiclone (Lunesta, Imovane), and zalepron (Sonata).

Somnambulism reference.

Calling your health care provider
You probably won't need to visit your health care provider if you are sleepwalking.
However, discuss the condition with your doctor if:
- You also have other symptoms
- Sleepwalking is frequent or persistent
- You perform potentially dangerous activities (such as driving) while sleepwalking

Older data.
Can people drive while asleep? from December 6, 2008 by John Cline.

Some sleep walkers have actually driven, sometimes for significant distances. This is a frightening possibility as sleep walkers can be injured while sleepwalking and most certainly can injure themselves or others while sleep driving. Amazingly sleep drivers have been able to get from one location to another without ever waking up. We do not know how many driving fatalities may have resulted from sleep driving.

John Cline is a clinical psychologist, Diplomate of the the American Board of Sleep Medicine, a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and a clinical professor at Yale University.
I'd still like to see some more references tho...

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