As reported by major news outlets, a study allegedly claims that eating chocolate can make you slimmer: Here the report from CBS News

for the study, published in the March 26 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers examined more than 1,000 healthy men and women who were free of heart disease, diabetes and cholesterol problems. They were all enrolled in another study that measured the effects of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, but for this study researchers assigned them questionnaires that gauged how often participants chowed down on chocolate.

The researchers found that the participants - who were an average age of 57 - ate chocolate for an average of twice of week and exercised roughly 3.5 times per week. But the more frequent chocolate-eaters had smaller BMIs, a ratio of height and weight that's used to measure obesity.

Does anyone know about more details to this study? This claim sounds to me like typical wishful thinking: Any research that shows positive effects of, e.g., chocolate or alcohol, gets way more media attention than research showing the opposite...

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