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Is diet soda less healthful than regular soda?

I've always assumed that diet drinks are indeed healthier than their counterparts (as that is what they're advertised for, they have no calories, no/little sugar, no fat, and very low sodium).

However, every time I get a diet drink, there is always someone to say "Ew, diet, its not even healthier" or something akin to that. Then someone always (half-jokingly) says "it causes cancer." But when I press them on why it is less healthy, they are never able to form a coherent argument beyond "It has artificial stuff in it."

Is there any evidence that drinking diet soda, is less or more healthy than drinking regular non diet soda?

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  • Is this one notable, and distinct from the others? We have questions on diet soda connection with tooth decay, multiple sclerosis, etc.
    – Rory Alsop
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    Even is this question covers some new ground, having a link to the old question is still helpful for anyone interested in the topic.
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