I've heard that eating greasy foods while drinking or while hungover is good because it helps 'soak up the alcohol'. This is common advice it seems while drinking. Is there any truth to it?

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  • Yep. Vote to close. Btw.: Maybe it is the inverse to the idea - I don't know whether it holds - that strong alcohol helps eupepsia, if you have eaten fat food. Commented Dec 3, 2011 at 4:11
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    I think the answer is going to look like: alcohol absorption by the body is slowed by fat rather than fat "soaks up" alcohol. But it is better to have the general question on fat/grease than the specific one on butter.
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I found the following paper on PubMed - Observations on the relation between alcohol absorption and the rate of gastric emptying.

Alcohol (ethanol) is absorbed slowly from the stomach and rapidly from the small intestine, and the rate of its absorption depends on the rate of gastric emptying. When gastric emptying is fast, the absorption of alcohol is fast. When gastric emptying is slow the absorption of alcohol is delayed and peak blood alcohol concentrations are reduced.


A delay in alcohol absorption is noted when alcohol is ingested along with most foods, especially fatty or heavy, solid, proteinaceous meals, which are known to retard the gastric emptying rate.

So most food and fatty food in particular will slow down alcohol absorption.

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