There are different sites purporting to have exercises that reduce or eliminate the need to wear glasses. Are there any such exercises that have been proven to work?


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From the abstract of Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics 2009 Jan;29(1):4-25.: "Although there are areas where the available evidence is consistent with claims made by behavioural optometrists (most notably in relation to the treatment of convergence insufficiency, the use of yoked prisms in neurological patients, and in vision rehabilitation after brain disease/injury), a large majority of behavioural management approaches are not evidence-based, and thus cannot be advocated."

Even for disorders where exercise does work, doing them yourself at home may be less efficient then office-based exercise, as was shown for treatment for sympotomatic convergence insufficiency in children.

Quackwatch has a good article reviewing some eye-related claims. They end with a warning: "Remember: no type of eye exercise can improve a refractive error or cure any ailment within the eyeball [...]". If you have any problems with your eyes, it is best to go see an eye doctor.

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