Kota, Rajasthan is a city with a reputation for its educational services, but also for an apparent high rate of suicide amongst its students.

This meme suggests that abortion is much more common than completed suicides:

Image comparing suicide to abortion

Kota has witnessed a significant number of abortions due to unwanted pregnancies.

Source: M9 News

Is abortion much more common in Kota than completed suicides?

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    I don't see anything in any of the sources stating that the abortion rate in Kota is higher than for other places with similar demographics. They all say things like "significant abortion rates" which really could be true of anywhere. Commented Apr 30 at 18:31
  • @DJClayworth abortion cases can be high anywhere but I want to direct attention on teenage abortions. Like I think teenage abortion would be very rare.
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    Commented Apr 30 at 18:39
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    Do you have a citation for that? And if the general rate is low, that means the "significant" rate can also be low. Commented Apr 30 at 20:15
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    This question is currently vague ("significant number"?) and asking about claims that do not appear in the source ("increasing teenage abortions"). What are the actual claims? Confusingly, that Kota has an unnoticed abortion industry and Kota has had its reputation tarnished by the abortion industry (which seems self-contradictory). Some speculation about why the abortion rate might be high. Perhaps we could read the iceberg picture as saying there are 9 times as many abortions as completed suicides (What would be a good ratio?!)
    – Oddthinking
    Commented May 1 at 1:38
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    You still haven't seemed to grasp the problem. Removed all mention of "teenage", which wasn't notable. Removed references to teen pregnancies, which is unrelated. Removed references to the age of consent, which is unrelated. Brought it back to the original, rather prosaic, claim that abortions are more common than suicide.
    – Oddthinking
    Commented May 1 at 12:11

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According to the Guttmacher Institute: From 2015-2019, the abortion rate across all of India is 48 per 1,000 women aged 15-49, each year.

That is, just under 5% of fertile women have an abortion each year. The abortion rate has been slowly growing over the past 20 years, while the unwanted pregnancy rate has been dropping.

With 16.9 million women between 15-49 in Rajasthan (the state Kota is in) as of 2011 (summing the relevant rows from the chart from Statistics Times), that means we would expect 81,000 abortions in Rajasthan per year, if there were absolutely nothing special about Kota.

Meanwhile, the suicide rate in Rajasthan is 7 per 100,000 per year - lower than the national average of 12.

With a population in 2011 of 68.5 million, that comes to about 4,800 deaths from suicide per year in Rajasthan.

In conclusion, abortions in India are massively more common than completed suicides, and that appears to extend especially to Rajasthan. I haven't shown that this trend extends to Kota, but there would be no reason to single it out if it did.

Considering death of a person by suicide to be somehow equivalent to an abortion is a political position, not a empirical one.

  • Any comments about teenage abortions in report??
    – user70697
    Commented May 1 at 15:43
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    Any comments about teenage abortions in the original claim? No. That was always your spin.
    – Oddthinking
    Commented May 2 at 0:50

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