The Times of Israel reported on March 14 that

Arab media reports: Hamas ‘executed’ local clan member in Gaza City

Hamas has killed the leader of the powerful Doghmush clan in Gaza City, for allegedly stealing humanitarian aid and being in contact with Israel, according to unconfirmed Arab media reports.

But my searches don't turn up any 'Arab media' in English that have such reports. I did find a bunch more Israeli media reporting that, and a few Western ones of somewhat dubious reputation, like the Daily Mail, which however has a pretty extensive piece on this matter (but most of it is fluff/context/background/filler, not details on the execution claim itself.)

Maybe al-Jazeera and all other (not so few) English language Arab media decided to self-censor on that, or I'm searching for the wrong keywords? What 'Arab media' reported that event?

FWTW, Wikipedia has a one-liner saying that:

Many Isreali [sic] media outlets falsely reported that Hamas clashed with the family during the war and executed it [sic] leader. The family has denied this and issues a statement on Facebook clarifying the situation.

But the source cited for that is in Arabic. And it contains a practically identically looking pdf/letter with one the Daily Mail article contains, and which has apparently vastly different claims. So that says little about this, except for the ease of producing such documents, saying whatever.

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    Arabic Al Jazeera article here: aljazeera.net/news/2024/3/17/1210 has a denial by Gaza Media Office, the same pdf of the family denying it, and a tweet bythe president of Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor from 17 december showing that the family members died in an airstrike.
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From The real reason Israel stormed al-Shifa Hospital yet again on Mondoweiss on March 18:

One unsubstantiated rumor was widely circulated on social media in Arabic and picked up by the Israeli media: Hamas had supposedly executed the unnamed head of the influential Doghmosh clan in Gaza for allegedly stealing humanitarian aid and being suspected of collaborating with Israel. The Doghmosh clan put out a statement strongly denying the claim, asserting that the clan chief had been martyred during an Israeli airstrike on November 16, 2023. An investigation conducted by Al Jazeera revealed that the name of the family’s head (the mukhtar) was on the list of the dead from that airstrike.

The article links to the following tweet by @Hanzpal2:

حسب مصادر محلية

حماس اعدمت مختار عائلة دغمش بالاضافة لاخرين من نفس العائلة ونفذت الاعدام بديوان العائلة بمدينة غزة.

العائلة لها سوابق في البلطجة والسطو والقتل

It was tweeted on March 14 08:49 and given its time stamp it is likely the first online source of the false rumor. Rumours to sow discord among the enemy is to be expected in a war zone.

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    I see the Hanzpal2/Hanzala account posts something every 15-30 minutes on Telegram. It seems to be a quantity over quality issue. Some of their most liked posts on Twitter appear to have a pro-Israeli tinge, but that's probably why they were more liked than most. On Telegram they sometimes rant against Zionists. Most of their posts seem to reporting Hamas successes like claims of "completely burned out" Merkava tanks after taking an RPG hit, which also seem rather fanciful. It seems to be a sensationalist/taboid-ish kind of poster, overall. Commented Apr 1 at 3:33
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    @thegodsfromengineering - The rumor is unsubstantiated and easily could be false, but is it necessarily? The family denies it—that could be because it is false, but it could also be because the head of your clan allegedly collaborating with Israel and stealing food would be a very bad look there. He was listed as killed by a strike (I suppose by the Gaza Health Ministry)—that could be because he was, but it could also because keeping track of causes of death in a warzone is difficult, or because killing him is also a bad look (Gaza Health Ministry is mostly accurate, but not independent).
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    @Ona - Did al-Jazeera have sources other than the two that I mentioned (for instance, one of their reporters witnessed the aftermath of the airstrike or talked to people who had)?
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    Here is the Al Jazzera link: aljazeera.net/news/2024/3/17/1210 (you can use google translate or chatGPT). The Daily Mail is claiming the execution happened in March, the Al Jazeera itself had published reports he died in December.
    – Ona
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    Is it possible that there are two events? First, some clan members including the clan head at the time where killed in an airstrike in November. The clan then assigned a new leader of the clan. The new claim is that in March this new clan leader was killed.
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