In this 7-years-old Belfast Telegraph article there's a video posted to Russia Today about a girl called Olivia Farnsworth who has the genetic abnormality "chromosome 6 deletion" which caused her to not feel pain, hunger, nor even need to sleep.

Are these related to this genetic disease?

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    Even as a notable source, that's a terrible article. DailyMail at least elaborates that it's (allegedly?) 6p deletion, which means the short end of the chromosome is missing. They also say that she may be the only one who has these symptoms together, which makes me question to what extent we can give an answer to this question. (It would be pretty easy to prove that those symptoms all exist separately with other conditions, however.)
    – Laurel
    Nov 7 at 1:19
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    How does one even survive toddler stage without the urge to eat, without the urge to not touch the hot stove a second time, without the the urge to allow the brain to reorganize? Nov 9 at 20:39
  • @HagenvonEitzen Here's an article(Archive link, no paywall) on a person with no pain.
    – Nelson
    Nov 10 at 1:41


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