The East Taihang Glasswalk is a skywalk in the mountains in China.

It purportedly had special effect that makes it appear to crack when you step into it.

One glass bridge in China is getting a lot of attention right now after ratcheting up the terror by adding the illusion that the glass floor is cracking underneath people’s feet. Depending on your perspective, it’s either a hilarious prank or a cruel joke.

the gimmick was so believable the East Taihang administration issued an apology assuring the public the cracks were just an "effect" to make the bridge experience more "provocative."

I have not found a reliable source for this.

While I don't doubt the existence of the cracking glass bridge, I find hard to believe that the administration would play such prank on visitors, at least not without some clear warning beforehand.

Without further evidence, I'd bet that these terrified reaction videos are acted.

Can someone confirm?

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    Would you consider The Telegraph to be a reliable source? That, and others, are referenced in your own Wikipedia link. But whether or not the videos use actors isn't relevant. Jul 26 at 15:07
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    Would you consider The Telegraph to be a reliable source? In this context, not really.
    – leonbloy
    Jul 26 at 15:32
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    What would you consider to be a reliable source? Whether you believe it to be true, has no bearing on the reliability of a source, and The Telegraph is about as reliable as the media goes. Nor would the use of actors imply any kind of proof that the glass bridges cannot be real. Jul 26 at 15:34
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    So what is the specific claim? That the videos are faked? Or that there is no warning? Why would visitors not be alarmed when the FX are played, even with a warning? Skeptics Stack Exchange is for challenging notable claims, such as pseudoscience and biased results. How does your disbelief fit that? Jul 26 at 17:46
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    I see the difficulty in answering this is in finding a source that would be convincing (either way). News media have a long history of repeating light and inconsequential foreign news stories without vetting, but what other source would mention it?
    – Oddthinking
    Jul 26 at 23:00


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