I've seen many people make the claim (especially right-leaning news sites) that recently schools have been "grooming" children into thinking that they're transgender, and making them go through life-changing procedures as a result. Is there any legitimately solid evidence, like statistics and studies, that properly prove that this is happening? Or is this all just being extremely polarized and blown out of proportion?

Children — as young as 5 — are being encouraged to disregard their anatomy and choose their gender based on their feelings. Last week, a California mother raged at the Spreckels Union School District board for allowing teachers to coach her 12-year-old daughter on becoming a boy, choosing a boy’s name and hiding the plan from the family

Abigail Martinez called the pain of losing her daughter a pain with no name. “Even when you breathe, it hurts,” she said during an event on radical gender ideology in schools. Her daughter, Yaeli, began struggling with depression in the seventh and eighth grades after classmates criticized her appearance. Abigail described her daughter as a “girly-girl” who liked to dress up as a princess. So, when Yaeli said one day she felt like a boy, Abigail was surprised.

Abigail contacted the school about the bullying, and when they attributed Yaeli’s mental health issues to gender dysphoria, Abigail allowed Yaeli to adopt a boyish hairstyle and clothes. But, when Abigail wanted therapy for Yaeli’s underlying mental health issues, the school accused her of denying that Yaeli had started identifying as male in early childhood. What ensued was a wrestling match between Abigail and the government. After California began paying for “gender transitions” for minors who are not in their parents’ custody, Yaeli ran away, hoping to gain access.

School officials told social services that Abigail’s daughter would be “better off out of the house.” Yaeli was put into foster care, and despite Abigail’s persistent attempts to get mental health treatment for her daughter, the system stonewalled her. While in foster care and on cross-sex hormones, Yaeli’s mental health further declined. In 2019, she committed suicide at only 19 years old.

DeSantis's press secretary Christina Pushaw addressed the Evanston/Skokie School District's lessons in a statement to Fox News.

"This is appalling, but it’s not surprising. Countless activists, politicians, and media outlets have been gaslighting parents by claiming that "there is no sex ed in K-3" or "kindergarteners aren’t learning about transgenderism." Unfortunately, this isn’t true, and that’s why Governor DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education law – to protect kids in Florida from inappropriate content in the classroom, and to defend parents’ rights to impart their values to their own children," Pushaw said.

"Thanks to our governor and the legislature, Florida kids will not be subjected to ideological indoctrination about sex and gender theory that is unfortunately injected into curriculum in Illinois and other states," she continued, adding that examples such as Evanston/Skokie "demonstrate why Florida’s laws are necessary."

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    Why did this get downvoted? I made sure I was clear and concise about what I was asking, and that this was about "the accuracy of public claims made in the media or elsewhere." Jul 25 at 20:59
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    It doesn't seem like you have an actual claim, more like a general question perhaps better suited for politics or some other "sub-stack". Giving answers to each individual claim here will probably not answer your main question.
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    I see. Thank you for helping me understand, at least. Jul 25 at 21:27
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    It's definitely a real claim. Bigots argue this all the time. But as phrased it's not a good fit here, and downvoters may be assuming bad faith. Jul 26 at 6:24
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    What exactly does the question title mean by "grooming"? To me it's obviously just using loaded language to describe some events. So, I'm not sure this is not primarily opinion-based. "Statistics and studies" won't be using "grooming" (unless published in the same right-wing venues).
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