Claim: The site designated by the Turkish government in Ararat is the actual Noah's Ark from the bible.

I recently viewed a documentary about how Noah's Ark was discovered in Turkey in the 60's following cold war satellite images. After some investigation, the excitement died down. However, in the 1980's further investigation revealed petrified wood, and metal (rivets/bolts/etc) aligned along lines that would be expected of a ship. Turkey has declared the site the "official" resting place of Noah's Ark. Here's one article:


What are your thoughts? Has this been debunked?

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    Thanks for the reference. One thing I also learned is that many scholars, including religious ones, claim that IF the Flood and the Ark were real, it will never be found because Noah's family would have had no choice but to dismantle it and use it for building materials and firewood as there would be no trees.
    – Night Owl
    Feb 18, 2022 at 13:13
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    @NightOwl: "many scholars, including religious ones" Not many non-religious scholars even concede there was a Great Flood, let alone an ark carrying all the terrestrial biomass. So, it is unlikely that many of them have considered one particular logistical issue and not all the others than reject the myth as nonsense. Please provide a reference.
    – Oddthinking
    Feb 19, 2022 at 6:25


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