The 'Dogman' is a half-man, half-dog hybrid that has many sightings in every state of the US, similar to Bigfoot. A 13-year old boy in Kentucky was reported in the news as being killed by a "canine-type" creature, but officials were unable to identify what it was even when they had the DNA. People were talking about how the boy was killed by 'Dogman'.

Here is a news clip of the incident in question. Most of the comments on the video mention the Dogman, alleging it to be responsible for the boy's death.

Does the Dogman really exist?

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The news clip itself mentions neither DNA testing nor any supposed Dogman.

However, WKYT reported on 12th August 2020 (6 months later):

Knott County boy killed by pack of wild dogs

KNOTT CO., Ky. (WKYT) - State police say 13-year-old Corey Godsey was killed by a pack of dogs.

It happened back in February in the Emmalena community of Knott County.

At the time, the state medical examiner’s office confirmed Corey was killed in some kind of animal attack but wasn’t able to determine the specific animal involved.

During the investigation, state police say multiple dogs were found living on an old mine site near the area Corey’s body was found.

KSP says the dogs were taken to the Kentucky River Animal Shelter where DNA specimens were collected and compared to evidence.

State police say the lab comparisons indicated that specimens from several of the dogs matched those found on Corey.

We’re told the investigation is still ongoing and we’ll keep you updated.

So the speculation that a so-called Dogman exists, isn't supported by the case you cited.

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