It's been claimed in a few sources, e.g. Scoop (NZ)

Trumpism With A Biden Face: US Haitian Policy [...]

In a sober assessment of Biden’s report card so far, Natasha Lennard of The Intercept points out that the Trump administration’s use of the law saw half a million people removed. During the short tenure of the Biden administration, the current number stands at 700,000.

The original source isn't much more detailed though:

The mass deportations have been authorized under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Title 42, which enables expedited deportations in the name of public health during the Covid-19 pandemic. Under Trump, nearly half a million people were removed under the law; the Biden administration has already used it to deport nearly 700,000.

Are these official figures? No [further] source is cited. And... The Economist said something completely opposite... no further back than June:

Deportations of undocumented immigrants are at a record low
Joe Biden does not want to be America’s next “deporter-in-chief”

During his first term, Mr Obama deported over 60% more people than Mr Trump (see chart). Now Joe Biden is breaking records in the opposite direction.

In April the us Immigration, Customs and Enforcement agency (ice), completed just 2,962 removals, the lowest number on record. Since February ICE agents have averaged around 2,300 arrests per month, a fifth of the monthly average in 2019, before the epidemic began.

These can't both be correct, unless there's a serious massaging of the numbers, i.e. looking only at specific categories of removals...

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