A couple of weeks ago, there was news in the gaming-related media that Near, the developer of SNES emulators, has reportedly died by suicide.

However, the proof of this is an anonymous document posted by somebody who claims to be Near's real life friend. I could not establish the veracity of this document, and the person on Twitter posting it only offered his word on it. This was widely republished as proof of the alleged suicide. I could find no other sources.

The same person from Twitter (Hector Martin) also claims he has spoken to the police about it, and that they have confirmed this information. This seems untrustworthy to me, since police are typically reluctant to share such information with strangers.

What I would be interested to find out here is if there are any reliable, independent sources confirming the passing away of Near, and if the claims of Hector Martin can be verified?

Please remain respectful of the person in question while answering, and follow the advice on discussion of suicide.

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    Can you rephrase this so it is possible to answer? "are there any sources confirming X" can not be answered unless there are such sources. – pipe Jul 16 at 14:20
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    not that it matters, but really don't know if this is (or should be) an appropriate question for skeptics.se. It revolves entirely around insider information; it's a painfully current event about a single person. – 0xDBFB7 Jul 17 at 8:07
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    From Wikipedia archive.ph/2021.07.23-171613/https://www.usatoday.com/story/… (apparently I don't have enough rep to answer) – qwr yesterday
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    This articles seems untrustworthy as it republishes untrue information. The author doesn't seem to have done his due diligence. – Ruslan Oblov yesterday
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    What is untrue - the usatoday article quotes the person who employed them – mmmmmm yesterday

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